New Technology That Protects Your Belongings

on October 25 at 10:12 PM


TrackR Device Allows You To Track Your Car And Other Belongings Using Your Smartphone 

Have you ever lost your car on a parking lot? It happens. You park and go shopping. when you get back, you don't have a clue where your car is. Then you start roaming around clicking on the panic button on your car keys so the alarm goes off. It can be frustrating, especially on a hot, sunny day.  

TrackR Device has the size of a coin and can be placed everywhere or anywhere.



You don't need to install an expensive GPS system to keep track of your car.  TrackR is the new technology trend to secure or protect your car and other valuable belongings. 

TrackR is the simplest way to find lost or misplaced items. You attach the TrackR(coin-sized) to any item like car, keys, phone etc and use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds.


A California-based startup company was able to make this a reality. They created a tiny device that works with your smartphone, and it could be exactly what you're need!


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How Does it Work?

Install the free TrackR app on your smartphone, connect the app to your device and you're good to go! 

Then attach TrackR to whatever you want to keep secure on. the entire process of setting it up only takes few minutes.


You can attach it to your keys, briefcase, wallet, your tech gadgets, car and anything else you don't want to lose even on the neck(collar) of your valued Dog(s). Then use TrackR app to locate your missing item in seconds.


No more expensive GPS systems or tracking services which are very stressful, this is why TrackR was created. It is your VIP when you need to take care of more important things in life.


If you have the TrackR, you can just hide it under your car's floor mat, in the trunk or in the glove compartment. Somewhere it won't be found by Thieves if your car gets stolen. It ceven comes with a double-sided adhesive so it can stick to your laptop or under your gadgets


How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

It is not expensive. TrackR only costs $29! That's a small price to pay for peace of mind. isn't it?


You can buy it from the company's website and you will receive your TrackR within a week.  


Attach it to everything that is important to you.


Step by step instructions

1. Get TrackR from the manufacturer website. You will get it delivered to your home in about one week.

2. Link TrackR with your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and place it next to the object you don't want to lose.

3. Download the free app and always have in hand the location of your belongings. 


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