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Thanks for joining pingo5. We are giving out free laptops and $250 to you via pay-pal when you invite just 25 more people with real profiles 
from Facebook, twitter, craigslist, and inviting your Friends our system detects and deletes fake profiles ask them to follow you or add you as Friend once they join our system tracks your new Friends who follow you, we make payment every Friday. If you upload more pictures you will get $25 gift card. Spend more time in our news viral sharing social networking site to understand the site. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How do I get Credits?

A: You can earn credits by doing various activities on the site such as adding a blog, creating a new event..., etc. Also you can purchase credits using PayPal account. 

Q: What is credit? 

A: Credits are a virtual currency you can use to send virtual gifts to friends, upgrade membership, post classified ads, advertise your business opportunities, and promote your profile. 

Q: What can I do on Pingo5? 

A: You can read over 500 different live news articles on Pingo5 for free on our live news section. You can get job updates on Pingo5 and also post your business opportunity. You can upload your items for sale on our classified section. You can also earn points for every activity on Pingo5 (likes, shares, comments posts, adding friends) and send gifts to friends and post videos from Youtube or Vimeo. Points are our appreciation to our members.

Our system deletes fake profiles to ensure you are well protected by our team. Also report anyone with strange activities on Pingo5.

We thank you for being part of our success. Without you there is no Pingo5. Let's grow this network and make history together. 

Pingo5 Admin  

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