The Los Angeles Rams may not use RB John Kelly a lot this year...but maybe they should

on November 14 at 10:03 PM
The Los Angeles Rams had a handful of sixth-round picks in the 2018 NFL Draft which typically means that the organization will have plenty of dudes fighting to make the 53-man roster or at best make a case to be a key part of the depth at a given position. But a star player that fans salivate over during the preseason? Out of the sixth round?RB John Kelly is in a unique situation since he was looked at by some as a third-round talent that fell deep into Day 3. Even more strangely Los Angeles Rams Womens T-Shirt , Head Coach Sean McVay elected to keep his starting offense on the bench for all four preseason games allowing the spotlight to shine elsewhere. And guess what? The lights gravitated to Kelly who has a running style not too dissimilar than Gurley. Kelly has those Madden-style spin moves that are super fun to watch. Yes, this was against the 3’s in a preseason game, I hear you. But still...So that being said, is Kelly is our RB2 now? Should we all draft Kelly on our fantasy team in case Gurley gets hurt or has a slow start to the season?I still feel that the Rams will keep Kelly in a very limited role this season, maybe 3-5 snaps a game. Maybe that means RB Malcolm Brown will get less touches. This is all conjecture of course. Only McVay and maybe his girlfriend knows what he plans on doing with the regular season offense.What I’d like to see is more touches for Kelly because I’m not a huge fan of the #1 back getting too many touches, especially when Gurley gets so many pass targets from QB Jared Goff. What makes Brown valuable to the team is that he provides strong pass protection and is more of a classic change-of-pace ball carrier. Blocking seems to be what Kelly needs to work on the most, so it’s asking a lot to just assume that he’s Gurley 2.0. TST’s own Brandon Bate also has some thoughts about this:So, what does this all mean?Well when a team elects to keep their offensive starters off the field, fans can get a little frothy-at-the-mouth. Truth is: we don’t know what this team is going to look like until Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders. Gurley is the man. That we know. However, if things go sideways with him, it’s nice to know that RB John Kelly and RB Justin Davis are ready to rip if their services are needed. It ain’t gonna pretty Los Angeles Rams Hats , but it’s going to be fast. As good as Brown is, I’m not certain he’s a lead running back. Is John Kelly? Well, he ran like it in the preseason. Though it seems unlikely, I would like to see Kelly get around 15 touches during the season which could help Gurley stay fresh going into the playoffs (yeah, I said it, get off my back.)Ok, I’m going to slow my roll and hope nothing back happens to Todd Gurley II this year.Random Ramsdom 9/4: Ndonald, together at last, as LA Rams. The Rams will win the NFC! No, they won’t! Yes they will! I ESPNListen to Max Kellerman and Steven A. Smith go back and forth about whether or not the Los Angeles Rams should be favorites to make it out of a stacked NFC this season. Max believes in the Rams ability to control the trenches and goes to the either you have a pocket or you don’t argument. Smith counters with the fact that the Rams are a warm weather team and therefore are soft. Science! Could the Rams still be considering acquiring a new backup quarterback? I Rams WireSean McVay hits the press with a pile of words that may or may not mean that the Rams are still in the market for a backup quarterback. The QB2 position has been a cause for much angst among Rams fans, following the several putrid showings by backup quarterback Sean Mannion during the preseason. Suh and Donald Los Angeles Rams Womens Hoodie , together at last! I Rams WireThey’re finally out there together: The Megalodon and the Great White, the Cold Crush, the Gruesome Twosome, The Twin Terrors.Whatever you want to call them, Aaron Donald and and Ndamukong Suh are finally together and the transition has apparently been seamless. Donald’s back, not missing Mack, and Blythe doesn’t rhyme with any of that. I LA TimesThe Rams react to not seeing Khalil Mack in Week 1, having Aaron Donald back in the mix. Also, will Austin Blythe be tapped to fill in for the suspended Jamon Brown at right guard? Newcomers are expected to buy into ‘We Not Me’ I LA Times The Rams are getting ready to ride with newcomers Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, and Ndamukong Suh. Their personalities certainly have plenty of gravity Womens Customized Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , which has made news occasionally throughout their careers. Will they help reinforce Sean McVay’s “We Not Me” manta, and be able to become team leaders? Gary Klein explores the new blend of talent and personalities that the 2018 Rams will be relying on. A glimpse into the dynamics of the quarterback room I LA TimesGary Klein provides a glimpse into the dynamics of the quarterback room, shared by Jared Goff, Sean Mannion, Brandon Allen, Luis Perez, and quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor. Cornerback Aqib Talib is an important Ram. I Rams WireCameron DaSilva continues to rank the 25 most important Rams this season, and has placed Aqib Talib at #7, one spot ahead of fellow cornerback Marcus Peters. Check out what Cam has to say about Talib’s importance to the squad this season.

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