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  • At this time, you can only request original Lyft or Lyft Plus using a browser. We’re working to bring Lyft Line and Premier to browsers soon!
  • If you don’t know your pickup address, enable your location in the browser's settings and make sure the pin is displayed in the right spot. If the pin’s placement is incorrect, enter a nearby address or venue and meet your driver there.
  • If you request on a desktop or tablet, you can see your driver’s progress in the browser or app. However, keep an eye on your phone because we'll text you important ride updates.
  • If you request a Lyft on your desktop and then leave the house with only your smartphone, you'll still be able to see the request in the app.
  • If you request a Lyft Line from your phone, you can check the driver’s location on a browser, but the ride will appear as an original Lyft and only show part of the route.   WE NEED GOOD DRIVERS 

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