A bizarre Instagram glitch is the reason your feed is messed up

A strange glitch is messing up Instagram feeds, but some people think it's a cool new filter.A strange glitch is messing up Instagram feeds, but some people think it's a cool new filter.

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If Instagram looks a little off to you right now, you're not alone: the app is experiencing a strange glitch that is messing with users' feeds.

The issue is causing bars to appear over images, making them look like they are the product of a scrambled VHS tape or some strange new filter. The source of the problem is unclear, but it appears to be fairly widespread, with confused and upset users taking to Twitter to complain.

The good news is that Instagram has confirmed it's an issue on their end, which means there's nothing wrong with your phone. The bad news is it's not clear how long it will take for the company to come up with a fix. 

Just got a new phone, genuinely thought it was broken with O2 going down today. I had to drive 2 miles back home, just to get my google maps working for my sat nav for work this morning ????????????‍♂️ and now this.....is anyone else getting this image glitch on Instagram? #instagram pic.twitter.com/RMYF5bZB3B

— Jamie Bibby (@Jamiebibby78) December 6, 2018

"We know this is frustrating and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible," the company wrote on Twitter.

In the meantime, it looks like some users are actually enjoying Instagram's odd new aesthetic (it's like using the Glitché app, but for free).

that instagram glitch is lowkey the most aesthetically pleasing thing to ever happen to the app

— Nicole Tillotson (@nictillotson) December 6, 2018

Whatever this Instagram glitch is..... I fucking like it

— ???? (@VvBee17) December 6, 2018


— ❦ (@skztear) December 6, 2018

I thought everyone was using a new glitch filter on Instagram or something

— Dimitri (@dimitrisamuel) December 6, 2018

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