'Jeopardy' contestant hilariously botched a question about Beyoncé and Jay-Z

If you want to be the Queen of Jeopardy, we suggest you brush up on your knowledge of Queen Bey first.

On Thursday night's episode, a Jeopardy contestant named Jessica proved she was not so well versed on the every move of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. When asked which collective name the duo used when releasing their album Everything Is Love, Jessica provided a hilariously incorrect answer.

In fact, Twitter user and Jeopardy fan @Slicklippz was so taken aback by the response that he felt compelled to rewind, record the moment, and share it with his followers.

"OK I've got something funny for you to hear. Listen to what this lady says on Jeopardy," @Slicklippz announces before playing back the clue.

Alex Trebek then proceeds to say, "Beyoncé and  Jay-Z released the album Everything Is Love under this collective name," and things go downhill. Within seconds, Jessica buzzes in and utters the completely incorrect and hilarious mashup of a response: "What is Bey-Z?"

What IS Bey-Z, Jessica? You tell us. It's certainly not the name Bey and Jay go by, that's for sure. 

Much like @Slicklippz, other Beyoncé and Jay-Z fans went "Apeshit" upon hearing the guess.

Jeopardy: Beyoncé and Jay Z released the album “Everything in Love” under this collective name

Jessica: What is Bey-Z?

Alex Trebek: What is The Carter’s

She tried way too hard for that ????????

— reyna (@tia_reynana) January 11, 2019


— K. Lapu (@krislapu) January 11, 2019

Jeopardy question, just now: “In 2018, Beyonce and Jay-Z released an album titled ‘Everything is Love’ under this joint name”

This woman had the nerve to say “What is Bey-Z”


— mp (@friasmp) January 11, 2019

On today's Jeopardy, Alex asked what band name Beyonce and Jay-Z went by for their last album and this white lady buzzed in and answered, in all confidence, "What is Bey-Z?" pic.twitter.com/JIv8XieAop

— Joe Lamour ???? (@lamour) January 11, 2019

the returning champion on #Jeopardy had the nerve to say that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s joint album was entitled “BEY-Z” ???? I was appalled!!

— Brij. (@LifeAsJaneDoe) January 11, 2019

"Bey-Z" does sound perfect and I'm sure it crossed the singers' minds when they were deciding what to call themselves as a duo, but true fans of the almighty musical couple know they go by "The Carters," after their shared last name.

Though wildly incorrect, it was a creative and valiant on-the-spot effort, Jeopardy Jessica.

Jessica may have lost tonight, but she undoubtedly gave one of the best wrong answers of all time when she said, "Bey-Z" instead of "The Carters". #jeopardy

— Hannah (@hmarie12) January 11, 2019

 We will give you that.

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